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Summary Agenda: Chamber

Business Today: Chamber

12.00pm Prayers

Tributes to Her late Majesty The Queen


Sittings of the House

Leader of the House

That, notwithstanding the provisions of Standing Order No. 9, the time at which the House shall meet tomorrow, and the duration of that sitting, shall be fixed by the Speaker.

Speaker’s Announcement

Following the sad announcement of Her late Majesty The Queen’s demise, the sitting on Friday 9 September will not start at 9.30am as planned.

Instead, under my authority, the House will sit at 12.00pm for tributes to Her late Majesty. The House is likely to sit until approximately 10.00pm.

The House will then sit again on Saturday 10 September at 2.00pm, when a small number of senior Members will take the oath. Tributes will then be continued. The House is expected to sit until approximately 10.00pm.

The last business to be taken on Saturday evening will be consideration of a formal humble address to His Majesty The King expressing the deep sympathy of the House on the death of Her late Majesty The Queen.

All Members will have an opportunity to take the oath when the House returns, although this is not a formal requirement.

The House is not expected to sit on Sunday 11 September.