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Early Day Motions

Published: Wednesday 3 February 2021

Early Day Motions tabled on Tuesday 2 February 2021

Early Day Motions (EDMs) are motions for which no days have been fixed.

The number of signatories includes all members who have added their names in support of the Early Day Motion (EDM), including the Member in charge of the Motion.

EDMs and added names are also published on the EDM database at

[R] Indicates that a relevant interest has been declared.

New EDMs

1430Ongoing conflict in Cameroon

Tabled: 2/02/21 Signatories: 1

Layla Moran

That this House is deeply concerned by the ongoing conflict in Cameroon’s north west and south west regions; condemns the deliberate and continued killings of innocent civilians and grave violations against children since the start of the conflict in 2016; sends its sincerest condolences to all those who have tragically lost loved ones as a result; notes that according to The International Crisis Group and the United Nations over 4,000 people have been killed, 765,000 people displaced, and four million people have been affected by the humanitarian crisis and that around 800,000 children are out of school; further notes that the Norwegian Refugee Council declared the conflict in Cameroon as the most neglected crisis on the planet for the second year running; urges Her Majesty's Government publicly to condemn the violence and bring to light all crimes and injustices; calls on Her Majesty's Government to work with its global partners and use all diplomatic means at its disposal to assist in deescalating the violence and resolving the underlying conflicts including using diplomatic measures to encourage all sides to call a temporary cessation of military activities and to participate in inclusive peace talks mediated by an impartial third party; and further calls on Her Majesty's Government to ensure that those affected by the humanitarian crisis receive adequate support and aid.

1431Obesity strategy

Tabled: 2/02/21 Signatories: 3

Jim Shannon

Paul Girvan

Sir Jeffrey M Donaldson

That this House recognises the integral role that surgical weight management services can play in alleviating the numerous comorbidities that can arise as a result of obesity, including type 2 diabetes, heart failure and coronary artery disease; calls for an immediate assessment of the benefits of bariatric surgery as a means of lessening the most damaging implications of COVID-19; and is concerned that the provision of these services has fallen behind other developed nations; and endorses their integration into the Government’s Obesity Strategy.

1432The Rohingya community

Tabled: 2/02/21 Signatories: 3

Jim Shannon

Paul Girvan

Sir Jeffrey M Donaldson

That this House notes, not for the first time in recent years, that Burmese military leaders have committed crimes against humanity; highlights the brutal assault against the Rohingya community which has displaced hundreds of thousands of men women and children; further notes that this has been described by the UN as a textbook case of ethnic cleansing; and calls on the Government to note that the international community’s failure to take any substantial action against the Burmese military following this assault has emboldened its leaders to act against democracy in Burma and to commit to righting this wrong by using all diplomatic means possible to deliver aid and change in this awful situation.

1433The imprisonment of Tanveer Ahmed Rafique

Tabled: 2/02/21 Signatories: 1

Bob Blackman

That this House condemns the imprisonment of Tanveer Ahmed Rafique who was wrongfully arrested by the Pakistani Officials during his peaceful protest where he called for the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir to be granted independence; expresses grave concern that Pakistan's intelligence agencies have been accused of pressuring the courts to continue to keep Tanveer detained; and calls on the Government to strongly condemn the continued detention of Tanveer and make contact with the Pakistan Government to ask for steps to be taken to facilitate the release of Tanveer Ahmed Rafique and for them to commit to every individuals right to peaceful protest.

1434Barnardos Northern Ireland foster care week

Tabled: 2/02/21 Signatories: 3

Jim Shannon

Paul Girvan

Sir Jeffrey M Donaldson

That this House notes Barnardos Northern Ireland Foster Care Week; thanks the charity for the wonderful work they do in connecting foster families with those in need of a family; notes the stress the pandemic has put on the foster care system; calls upon the Secretary of State for Health to review the level of assistance given to those providing Foster Care in terms of financial support as well as practical support; and further encourages those who have considered fostering to make contact with Barnardos to learn the facts and take the first step towards bringing children into loving stable homes.

1435Iran's use of chemical poisoning on Gonabadi Sufis

Tabled: 2/02/21 Signatories: 1

Bob Blackman

That this House condemns the Iranian Regime’s constant stream of human rights violations; notes that the Regime’s officials continue to imprison, torture and execute dissidents, especially religious minority groups such as the Gonabadi Sufis, whose leader Dr. Noor Ali Tabandeh was placed under house arrest at the age of 91, and was killed in December of 2019 through chemical poisoning disguised as medication; and urges the Government to unite with world leaders in its condemning of the imprisonment of political opponents of the regime and make representations with their counterparts for their immediate and unconditional release.

1436150 year anniversary of the Fife Free Press

Tabled: 2/02/21 Signatories: 1

Neale Hanvey

That this House congratulates the Fife Free Press newspaper on its 150-year anniversary; recognises the endurance of the local newspaper which has been the voice of the Kirkcaldy area and bedrock of the community throughout that time; notes in particular the recent contribution of the Fife Free Press as an invaluable source of information for people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic; and wishes the team and the title all the best for the next 150 years.

1437Civilian casualties during the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Tabled: 2/02/21 Signatories: 1

Hywel Williams

That this Houses notes the continuing tensions and sporadic violence between Azerbaijan and Armenia; expresses concern regarding the findings of Amnesty International’s Report into civilian casualties arising from the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh; further expresses sympathy with the families of the 146 civilians unlawfully killed by Armenian and Azerbaijani forces in the 44-day conflict between late September and early November 2020; and echoes the United Nations Secretary General’s call for all concerns to meet their obligations and calls on both sides to respect the ceasefire and work with the OSCE Minsk Group to secure a lasting peace.

1438Mutual equivalence and harmonisation protocols between UK and EU on food product standards

Tabled: 2/02/21 Signatories: 1

Jonathan Edwards

This House acknowledges that the European Union is by far the most important export market for the UK food sector; notes that the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the UK and EU has resulted in significant non-tariff barriers in relation to food exports; recognises that further costs, checks and delays are proving prohibitive to trade in food products; further notes that shellfish exports are likely to face an indefinite ban on products, decimating the industry; recognises for other food products such as dairy and meat, that the animal health certificates required for export can cost more than the value of the product being exported; understands that the Trade and Cooperation Agreement allows for continued trade related discussions; and calls on the UK Government to enter into negotiations on achieving a mutual equivalence agreement on food standards and protocols on future harmonisation in order to remove non-tariff barriers on food exports to the European Union and between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Added Names

Below are EDMs tabled in the last two weeks to which names have been added. Only the first 6 names and any new names are included.

1389Support for British Gas workers

Tabled: 25/01/21 Signatories: 19

Nadia Whittome

Jonathan Edwards

Paula Barker

Rachel Hopkins

Dawn Butler

Navendu Mishra

Stewart Malcolm McDonaldJon Trickett

That this House condemns the actions of British Gas in pursuing fire and re-hire tactics with loyal and hard-working staff; expresses support and solidarity with British Gas workers who have been forced to strike following British Gas pushing ahead with plans that have been rejected by 86 per cent of GMB members working as engineers; notes that the proposed changes will mean that a number of workers will be expected to work approximately 150 hours extra per year for no guarantee of extra pay; expresses regret that a once respected and trusted brand is doing damage to its reputation by pursuing fire and re-hire tactics; urges British Gas to recognise that the only way to end the disruption is to take fire and rehire pay cuts off the table; notes with alarm the growing number of employers who are making employees redundant before re-employing them on less-favourable terms and conditions; believes that these employers should instead be focused on supporting their employees through the covid-19 outbreak; and calls on the Government to take urgent action to stop the growing number of firms taking part in this unethical and unjust practice, for example by amending the Employment Rights Act 1996 to automatically categorise such redundancies as unfair dismissals.

1393Third anniversary of the KickStart Money programme

Tabled: 25/01/21 Signatories: 9

Dr Lisa Cameron

Mr Virendra Sharma

Bob Blackman

Jim Shannon

Allan Dorans

David Linden

Sammy Wilson

That this House recognises the importance of financial education for children and young people to equip them to navigate future financial responsibilities, risks and economic shocks; emphasises the need for financial education for children at a primary school level to install positive habits and attitudes towards money when those habits are first formed; welcomes the work of KickStart Money and MyBnk in providing free financial education to almost 19,000 primary school pupils in three years in addition to online and virtual provision during a time of covid-19 restrictions; and encourages the Department for Education to produce a strategy to ensure that every child receives a high-quality and effective financial education.

1413Visas for musicians in the EU

Tabled: 27/01/21 Signatories: 60

Ms Harriet Harman

David Warburton

Alison Thewliss

Jamie Stone

Caroline Lucas

Kevin Brennan

Jeremy CorbynMrs Emma Lewell-BuckTim FarronHelen Hayes

That this House applauds the over 100 musicians who wrote to The Times on 20 January 2021 and agrees that the UK Government must immediately seek supplementary agreement with the EU to secure the ability of all creative workers including musicians, performers, their equipment and others such as technicians to travel and earn in Europe, ensuring the economic benefit of the creative industries to the UK economy and to protect the livelihoods and essential earning opportunities to prevent those musicians from being forced out of their profession, to protect the creative benefit of musicians and others working together across Europe and to protect the important role of our brilliant conservatoires, music departments and all performance venues; recognises the vital role that musicians play in the cultural and community life of the UK; and notes that the petition launched by Tim Brennan on that matter has now exceeded a quarter of a million signatures.

1416Plan for schools to safely reopen during the covid-19 outbreak

Tabled: 27/01/21 Signatories: 11

Munira Wilson

Caroline Lucas

Daisy Cooper

Sir Peter Bottomley

Jonathan Edwards

Siobhain McDonagh

Andrew GwynneTim Farron

That this House declares that children and their wellbeing must be at the heart of Government decision-making; recognises the negative effect that schools being closed to most pupils is having on the wellbeing and mental health of children; notes that research has shown that home-schooling has been inconsistent across the country during lockdown, with disadvantaged children faring particularly poorly; further notes the stress and effect that schools being closed is having on parents across the country who are having to balance their work commitments with home-schooling; agrees that the best place for students is in the classroom as schools provide consistency, social interaction, stimulating learning environments and promote good health and wellbeing; urges the Government to work together with headteachers, parent bodies, unions and local authorities to urgently devise and publish a plan to reduce covid-19 transmission in schools so that all children can return to school as soon as the circumstances safely allow it; further urges the Government to consider as part of that plan increasing capacity for physical learning, rota systems as seen in other countries, staggered returns and other safety measures; and requests that the Government considers placing teachers on the priority list for covid-19 vaccination after the key vulnerable groups have been vaccinated.

1421Proposed funding cuts to Nottingham’s Linkbus Network

Tabled: 28/01/21 Signatories: 5

Ian Mearns

Grahame Morris

Jeremy Corbyn

Ian Lavery

Claudia Webbe

That this House notes that Nottingham City Council is consulting on its 2021-22 budget that includes a proposed annual funding cut of £700,000 to the City’s Linkbus Network which would lead to a number of bus services being withdrawn; believes that those bus services play a vital role in connecting communities and supporting the local economy and therefore must be protected; is concerned that the proposed service cuts could increase social isolation, increase carbon emissions which would worsen air quality and have public health implications; calls on Nottingham City Council to withdraw those proposals and ensure that all Linkbus funding, services and jobs are permanently protected; and calls on the Government, as a matter of urgency, to publish its National Bus Strategy and for this to provide all local authorities, such as Nottingham City Council, with sufficient ring-fenced national funding to ensure that their bus services are protected.

1425Effect of the covid-19 outbreak on disabled people

Tabled: 1/02/21 Signatories: 4

Hywel Williams

Liz Saville Roberts

Ben Lake

Jonathan Edwards

That this House recognises that the covid-19 outbreak has had a disproportionate and significant impact on the lives of many disabled people and their families; further recognises that research conducted by the disability charity Scope found that over eight in 10 disabled people are worried about the effect that the outbreak is having on their life; notes that disabled employees are falling out of work at a faster rate than non-disabled people; is concerned that the additional costs that disabled people already faced have been exacerbated during the crisis; calls on the Government to permanently retain the £20 uplift to universal credit and extend it to legacy benefits; and further calls on the Government to reinstate the temporary changes that they made to the welfare system at the beginning of the outbreak in order to ensure financial protection for disabled people, including a pause on sanctions, a suspension of benefit reassessments and a suspension of benefit recovery.

1427Cancer treatment waiting times

Tabled: 1/02/21 Signatories: 2

Jon Trickett

Claudia Webbe

That this House is concerned that cancer treatment waiting lists are increasing as a consequence of the covid-19 pandemic; notes with further concern that vital cancer diagnoses are being missed, with data from Public Health England showing that 106,732 cases were diagnosed between April and September 2020, down from 142,324 over the same period in 2019; recognises the commitment shown by NHS staff over the summer while the threat from covid-19 was lower in attempting to reduce cancer waiting lists; expresses concern that the increasing seriousness of covid-19 has since resulted in tens of thousands more people continuing to miss cancer diagnoses; supports the need for urgent action to prevent what could be thousands of cancer deaths due to missed diagnoses or treatment delays; and calls on the Government to urgently publish an action plan setting a target for the backlog of cancer treatments to be cleared.