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Early Day Motions

Published: Tuesday 13 April 2021

Early Day Motions tabled on Monday 12 April 2021

Early Day Motions (EDMs) are motions for which no days have been fixed.

The number of signatories includes all members who have added their names in support of the Early Day Motion (EDM), including the Member in charge of the Motion.

EDMs and added names are also published on the EDM database at

[R] Indicates that a relevant interest has been declared.

New EDMs

1703Bus franchising in Greater Manchester

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 8

Navendu Mishra

Rebecca Long Bailey

Grahame Morris

Kim Johnson

Paula Barker

Rachel Hopkins

Mick WhitleyLloyd Russell-Moyle

That this House welcomes the announcement by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, to bring Greater Manchester’s buses back under public control; notes that the decision will give Greater Manchester Combined Authority more say over its bus network; recognises that the move will ensure that the needs of the people of Greater Manchester are put before profit; acknowledges that bus users will now have access to a cheaper and better integrated bus network; applauds the introduction of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter which will enhance transport workers’ rights, ensure good standards of public service and fair treatment of staff, and help protect them from unethical employment practices; hopes that the move to a franchising model will support Unite the Union in their ongoing efforts to overturn the immoral fire and hire strategy of companies such as Go North West; is encouraged that an increase in public transport use will help improve air quality in Greater Manchester, cut congestion and noise pollution and help the UK meet its binding climate change targets; and pays tribute to the activists, organisations and trade unions who have campaigned so tirelessly to implement a franchising model, including Better Buses for Greater Manchester, We Own It, GMB Union, Unison and Unite, and thanks the Mayor of Greater Manchester for leading the way and setting an example for other regions to move to a franchising model.

1704Football Index

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Patricia Gibson

That this House is deeply concerned about the recent collapse of the betting firm Football Index, following the suspension of the company’s licence by the Gambling Commission and its entry into administration; notes with concern that customers collectively have over £90 million trapped in the company, with average losses of around £3,000 per customer; understands that the firm operated as a football stock market, offering customers the ability to buy shares in footballers, and customers could be paid in dividends based on player performances; recognises that only a few days after the company minted new shares in footballers, enticing customers to purchase shares, the company drastically decreased dividend payments by 82 per cent, leading to a virtual market crash on the site which caused significant losses for customers; notes that concerns have been raised that the firm operated like a pyramid scheme, and further notes it had been admonished by the Advertising Standards Authority in 2019 for creating the impression that the product was a lucrative investment opportunity; recognises that this scandal has called into question the adequacy of gambling regulation in the UK, given the Gambling Commission awarded this company a licence and would seem to have failed to ensure adequate oversight; and calls for a full independent public enquiry into this scandal to ensure that gambling regulation is fit for purpose in protecting consumers.

1705Ear cropping dogs

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Liz Saville Roberts

That this house notes with concern that figures released by the RSPCA show a 621 per cent increase in the number of reports of dogs who have had their ears cropped between 2015-2020, despite the practice being illegal in England and Wales; further notes that the RSPCA are concerned that dogs are being sent abroad for cropping or being purchased and imported from overseas; believes that ear cropping is a barbaric practice; and calls on the Government to ban the importation of dogs with cropped ears.

1706Oban golfer Robert MacIntyre and the 2021 US Masters

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Brendan O'Hara

That this House congratulates Oban golfer, Robert Maclntyre, on his superb debut performance at the US Masters in Augusta, where competing against the world’s very best golfers he secured a remarkable joint twelfth place finish with a scorecard of 74, 70, 70 and 72 over the four rounds, to complete the tournament with a highly impressive total of two under par; notes that Robert’s excellent performance has guaranteed him a place at the 2022 competition; and wishes Robert every success in the future.

1707Protection of seals

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Tracey Crouch

That this House expresses its sadness after the tragic loss, post dog attack, of River Thames' resident Freddie the seal; believes that seals in rivers deserve the same protections as those for deer in Richmond Park; notes that the seal population in the River Thames is as many as 4000 and expected to rise further upon competition of the Thames Tideway in 2024; and urges the Government to urgently assess the need for legislation to protect seals and encourage a peaceful co-existence between man and wildlife

1708Hong Kong British National (Overseas) assistance programme

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Andrew Rosindell

That this House acknowledges the excellent arrangements the Government is making to welcome and support Hongkongers arriving in the UK under the British National Overseas (BN(O)) visa scheme; recognises the significant cultural, economic and social boost Hongkongers will provide to communities across the UK; commends the creation of welcome hubs which will help arrivals from Hong Kong to access housing, education and employment; notes that between 123,000 and 153,700 BN(O) status holders and their dependents are expected to use the route to the UK in the first year; recognises that the visa route and assistance programme deliver on the UK’s historic and moral commitment to the people of Hong Kong; and commits to creating a welcome environment for Hongkongers to ensure their success and happiness here.

1709Black maternal health

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 6

Bell Ribeiro-Addy

Ms Diane Abbott

Dawn Butler

Claudia Webbe

Apsana Begum

Zarah Sultana

That this House recognises the existing racial inequalities in maternal health; notes with great sadness that Black women in the UK are four times more likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth, that women of mixed heritage are three times more, and Asian women are two times more likely to die in pregnancy and childbirth; further notes that women of Black African heritage are 83 per cent more likely to suffer a near miss in childbirth, and women of Black Caribbean heritage are 80 per cent more likely; acknowledges the MBBRACE analysis which has found that black babies have a 121 per cent increased risk for stillbirth and a 50 per cent increased risk of neonatal death; supports the work of Five X More and their efforts to raise awareness of Black maternal health inequalities; is shocked by the 2020 Black people, racism and human rights report which confirms statistics but reveals that there is no target to end it; and urgently calls on this Government to fully acknowledge these disparities and commit to working with the NHS to improve Black maternal health outcomes.

1710Achievement of the Ballantrae Trust, Ballantrae Community Council and volunteers

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Allan Dorans

That this House recognises the achievements of, and congratulates, the Board of the Ballantrae Trust, Ballantrae Community Council and the many volunteers from the village of Ballantrae and surrounding areas, who since 2017 have organised and promoted a number of highly successful annual community events, including the Ballantrae Festival of Food and Drink and the Smugglers Festival, supporting local businesses and encouraging tourism; that, following extensive consultation with the local community, prepared a business plan and submitted successful bids for funding to purchase the Kings Arms, the last remaining pub in the village, for use as a community pub and hub, with facilities for the local community and visitors and which will offer local people, skills, experience and the chance to gain qualifications in catering and hospitality, enhancing employment opportunities; and, through the establishment of a community benefit society, the Ballantrae Community Pub Ltd, providing local people the opportunity to purchase shares and be part of ensuring the development, success and sustainability of this fantastic local community facility in South Ayrshire.

171180th Anniversary of the city of Belfast blitz

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Gavin Robinson

That this House commemorates the 80th anniversary of the city of Belfast blitz in 1941; remembers those men, women and children in the surrounding areas who lost their lives in air raids by the German Luftwaffe; recognises that East Belfast was targeted for its heavy industry and its contribution to the British war effort; notes that Belfast’s landscape was changed forever during this period but, like in so many parts of the UK, Belfast resolved to remain firm and continued to play a key role in ensuring the freedom of Europe from Nazi Germany; commends the work by Cllr. George Dorrian, Mr. Sam Robinson, local community organisations and many others in East Belfast to respectfully mark and remember the anniversary of the 1941 Belfast blitz.

1712100 years of the National Pharmacy Association

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Dr Lisa Cameron

That this House congratulates the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) as it celebrates 100 years of serving community pharmacies in the UK; notes that the NPA has helped its members through enormous change, including the formation of the NHS in 1948, the overhaul of medicines regulations in 1968, the massive expansion in the range of medicines available to patients and the establishment of new roles in public health, urgent care and managing long term conditions; recognizes the vital contribution of pharmacies today, especially in the light of their work during the covid-19 pandemic; and looks forward to pharmacies playing an important role in the health, wellbeing and daily life of our communities in the years to come.

1713Strathaven Co-Op community member pioneer Carly McCleary

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Dr Lisa Cameron

That this House celebrates the work of local Co-Op community member pioneer Carly McCleary for her work in work in the Strathaven area and her support for local community groups and food banks through the donation of food that is due to go out of date at the end of the workday; recognises that that initiative is not only a crucial step towards the elimination of excess food waste but also an invaluable source of support for those most in need in the Strathaven area; and draws attention to the work of honorary Brazilian Consul Paulo Quadros in conjunction with the Strathaven Resilience Support Service and the Brazilian Consulate to help distribute leftover food from that Co-Op to families in the local area.

1714Tail O' The Bank Credit Union

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 6

Ronnie Cowan

Kirsten Oswald

David Linden

Patricia Gibson

Carol Monaghan

Marion Fellows

That this House notes, the difficult and unprecedented year for Tail O' The Bank Credit Union who have stayed open offering a vital service to the community of Inverclyde; further notes that in the financial year 2019-20 that Credit Union held £7.28 million in savings for its members and provided £1.38 million in affordable, ethical loans to members ensuring that the wealth is contained within Inverclyde; welcomes all the efforts of the staff and volunteers of that Credit Union who have worked tirelessly throughout the covid-19 lockdown to support members; and thanks those staff and volunteers for their great work.

1715The Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Dr Lisa Cameron

That this House celebrates the work of the Strathaven John Hastie Museum Trust and the tireless efforts of that Trust's board of trustees and local volunteers who are working towards the creation of a community museum through which the local community can continue to learn about the history of Strathaven and the wider Avondale area from the Neolithic period through to the present day; notes that that Trust’s summer exhibitions are a highlight of the local calendar which, along with pop-up displays and activities, attract over 1,000 visitors every year; draws particular attention to the dedicated work of the Trust’s volunteers with local schools, who, through presentations and hands on activities, demonstrate an active and engaging history of the local area; highlights the aim of bringing back to Strathaven selected items from the original John Hastie Museum, including rare Japanese porcelain, on loan from the South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Trust Museum’s Service as a welcome step towards restoring a local museum presence, enhancing the Trust's capability to bring the rich history of the area to the present and future generations of Avondale; and wishes all the trustees and volunteers well in their search for an essential, permanent location for Strathaven’s John Hastie Museum, with additional accommodation for use by the community.

1716Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Dr Lisa Cameron

That this House recognizes Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) on the 20th of May and promotes digital access and inclusion for people with disabilities; acknowledges that over 14 million people in the UK alone have visual, motor, hearing or cognitive disabilities or impairments; resolves to remove barriers from people with disabilities by improving accessibility and giving those people a voice; applauds assistive technologies like screen readers, screen magnifiers and various accessibility software which make it easier for people with disabilities to communicate; and calls on the Government to support people with disabilities and invest in the technologies which make their daily lives easier especially since the covid-19 outbreak has disproportionately affected the disabled community.

1717Extension of the moratorium on evictions in response to the covid-19 outbreak

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

John McDonnell

That this House calls on the Government to allocate time on the floor of the House for a debate on the potential merits of extending the moratorium on evictions in response to the covid-19 outbreak; and further calls on the Government to write off all rent arrears accrued during the covid-19 outbreak until the end of March 2022 or later.

1718Talcum powder, asbestos contaminants and cancer

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Ian Lavery

That this House condemns the hypercritical and unjustifiable action by the American pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson which in 2020 withdrew from North American markets its talc-based baby powder, found to be contaminated with asbestos fibre by Government and independent laboratories, but continued to sell that product in countries all over the world including the UK; notes the billions of dollars that Johnson & Johnson has paid out to women diagnosed with ovarian cancer following use of their talc-based baby powder; commends the work of the Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UK and its partners in highlighting the public health hazard posed by the sale of talc-based baby powder in the UK; and calls on Johnson & Johnson to withdraw that contentious product from sale in every country around the world.

1719Redevelopment of the former Blyth Power Station into a battery making gigaplant

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 3

Ian Lavery

Grahame Morris

Ian Mearns

That this House welcomes the redevelopment of the former Blyth Power Station into a battery making gigaplant; notes that that development will create up to 3,000 local jobs; recognises the benefits of the reopening of the disused railway line that forms part of the former Northumberland line to that power plant; notes that reopening that railway line will re-invigorate the areas of Ashington and other communities in the South East Northumberland area; and calls on the Government to ensure that funding and expertise is provided to help reopen that railway line as quickly as possible.

1720The Scottish Mental Health Festival

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Dr Lisa Cameron

That this House celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Scottish Mental Health Art Festival in May and applauds its unique use of art as a way of telling stories, challenging stigmas, and changing perceptions around mental health; draws attention to the fact that this festival is the biggest of its kind in the world and organizes hundreds of events reaching thousands of people across Scotland each year; notes with concern the rise in mental health conditions as a result of the pandemic and calls on the government to support the arts as a key form of therapy and as a source of community for many across the UK.

1721Disabled Persons Railcards

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Tim Farron

That this House notes that many Disabled Persons Railcards have not been used due to coronavirus restrictions and shielding advice; commends train companies for providing over £476 million in ticket refunds for people whose travel plans have changed unexpectedly during the coronavirus outbreak; regrets that railcards have been exempt from those refunds; and calls on the Government to implement a free one-year extension for Disabled Persons Railcard customers.

1722Birkenhead covid-19 vaccination team

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Mick Whitley

That this House understands that vaccines are the most potent tool in the fight against covid-19; recognises that the success of the UK’s covid-19 vaccination rollout is a testament to the commitment and hard work of vaccination teams across the country; notes that the Birkenhead Primary Care Network is one of the most successful vaccination teams in the country, with the highest absolute number of covid-19 vaccinations in the region for vaccination cohorts one to five; recognises that healthcare workers in Birkenhead face additional challenges due to some of the highest levels of deprivation and poverty in the country being in that area; commends the dedication of those healthcare workers and believes that their efforts epitomise the founding spirit of the NHS, as a universal service that it is accessible to all, regardless of means; implores the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to make available all necessary resources and funding to speed up the rollout of the covid-19 vaccine; and urges the Government to give all NHS staff a fair and substantial pay rise that recognises the immense sacrifices that they have made over the course of the covid-19 pandemic.

1723Conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Helen Hayes

That this House condemns the massacre at Axum in Ethiopia, documented by both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, that may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity; further condemns the reported wider pattern of violence throughout the Tigray region, including the use of rape and sexual violence, and the alleged involvement of Eritrean forces; notes that there is a risk of a regional conflict in the Horn of Africa, with an escalation of tensions with Sudan and Egypt; requests that the UK Government places that issue formally on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council, as well as on that of the African Union; supports calls for a full, prompt, impartial and effective investigation into the massacre and unfettered humanitarian access to Tigray, as well as immediate access for human rights and media organisations; considers that the starvation and conflict-induced food insecurity in that region is man-made, is a violation of international humanitarian law, and is a test case for the UK Special Envoy with that brief; and expresses concern for the fate of Eritrean refugees in that country alleged to be at risk of refoulement.

1724Military trial, detention and treatment of Palestinian children by Israeli authorities

Tabled: 12/04/21 Signatories: 1

Tommy Sheppard

That this House notes with concern that Israeli forces continue to arrest, detain and try several hundred Palestinian children in the Israeli military court and detention system each year despite evidence that that process is rife with international law violations; further notes that Israel is the only country in the world that automatically and systematically prosecutes Palestinian children in military courts which lack fundamental fair trial rights and protections; notes that ill-treatment of Palestinian child detainees by Israeli authorities includes widespread physical and psychological violence, blindfolding, strip searches, denial of food and water, position abuse and isolation solely for the purpose of interrogation, and the denial of access to a lawyer before and during interrogations; remarks on the disparity between treatment of Israeli and Palestinian children in Israeli custody; asserts that Israel, as the occupying power under international humanitarian law in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is responsible for protecting the rights of Palestinian children living under military occupation; notes too that the recommendations of the 2012 Foreign and Commonwealth Office funded report, Children in Military Custody, and UNICEF’s 2013 report, Children in Israeli Military Detention, have not been met; believes that in no circumstances should civilians, particularly children, be detained or prosecuted under the jurisdiction of military courts or held in military detention; and urges the Government to engage with the Government of Israel to end the military trial and detention of Palestinian children and, as a minimum safeguard, to respect and ensure basic due process rights and the absolute prohibition of torture and ill-treatment.

Added Names

Below are EDMs tabled in the last two weeks to which names have been added. Only the first 6 names and any new names are included.


Tabled: 24/03/21 Signatories: 56

Keir Starmer

Nick Thomas-Symonds

Holly Lynch

Valerie Vaz

John McDonnell

Mr Nicholas Brown

Chris ElmoreHannah BardellMartin Docherty-HughesThangam DebbonaireOlivia Blake

That an humble Address be presented to Her Majesty, praying that the Immigration (Guidance on Detention of Vulnerable Persons) Regulations 2021 (S.I., 2021, No. 184), dated 23 February 2021, a copy of which was laid before this House on 25 February 2021, be annulled.