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Early Day Motions

Published: Moday 29 November 2021

Early Day Motions tabled on Friday 26 November 2021

Early Day Motions (EDMs) are motions for which no days have been fixed.

The number of signatories includes all members who have added their names in support of the Early Day Motion (EDM), including the Member in charge of the Motion.

EDMs and added names are also published on the EDM database at

[R] Indicates that a relevant interest has been declared.

New EDMs


Added Names

Below are EDMs tabled in the last two weeks to which names have been added. Only the first 6 names and any new names are included.

662Mental health of spinal cord injured people

Tabled: 17/11/21 Signatories: 12

Margaret Greenwood

Paula Barker

Kim Johnson

Rebecca Long Bailey

Grahame Morris

Ian Byrne

Dan Carden

That this House acknowledges recent research into the mental health requirements and difficulties for people with a spinal cord injury that shows 40 per cent had depression and 28 per cent had experienced suicidal thoughts; notes that it is important for newly injured spinal cord injured people to be able to access timely and appropriate mental health support; further notes that NHS health professionals who care for spinal cord injured people must understand the mental health aspects of a spinal cord injury; and calls on the Government to increase funding and capacity to meet the lifelong mental health needs of the spinal cord injured community in the UK.

664Carers Rights Day

Tabled: 17/11/21 Signatories: 17

Dr Lisa Cameron

Ian Mearns

Douglas Chapman

Sir Peter Bottomley

Chris Stephens

Allan Dorans

Dan Carden

That this House acknowledges the estimated 13.6 million people who are providing unpaid care to family and friends across the UK; recognises the importance of Carers Rights Day 2021, taking place on 25 November 2021, in raising awareness of unpaid carers and ensuring they are informed about their rights and entitlements; notes the very difficult challenges that unpaid carers continue to face, and the increased levels of care they are currently having to provide, in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic; stresses the urgent need for more support to be given to unpaid carers who are juggling their caring responsibilities alongside paid work; and calls on the Government to implement its plans to introduce Carer’s Leave at the earliest opportunity, as well as providing all employees a day one right to request flexible working.

678Protections for shop workers

Tabled: 22/11/21 Signatories: 11

Robert Halfon

Jim Shannon

Carla Lockhart

Mohammad Yasin

Jonathan Edwards

Chris Stephens

Andrew Gwynne

That this House recognises the need to protect shop workers; further recognises that shop workers are too often subjected to abuse, threat and assault; acknowledges the difficulties experienced by hardworking employees such as residents in the constituency of Harlow, who have faced such behaviour; praises the incredibly important service that shop workers provide; and calls upon the Government to go further to raise awareness of this significant issue.

691Conduct of councillors towards town and parish council clerks

Tabled: 25/11/21 Signatories: 3

Dr Julian Lewis

Sammy Wilson

Graham Stringer

That this House notes with deep concern convincing evidence collected by the Association of Local Council Clerks showing that, far from being untypical, the toxic behaviour by Parish Councillors in Cheshire exposed online in December 2020, is endemic in a significant minority of Town and Parish Councils; deplores the departure from their roles of dozens of part-time and full-time Clerks, as a result of bullying by Councillors who face negligible sanctions for such misbehaviour; regrets the anguish thus generated and the substantial cost to the public purse arising from settlements following breakdown in employer and employee relations; and calls on the Government to establish an appropriate and effective sanctions mechanism, including financial penalties, to deal with local Councillors found guilty of such misconduct.

69416 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence 2021

Tabled: 25/11/21 Signatories: 2

Owen Thompson [R]

Marion Fellows

That this House notes that 25 November 2021 marks the first day of 2021’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence; further notes that 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual international campaign beginning on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, that was started by activists at the inaugural Women’s Global Leadership Institute in 1991 and continues to be coordinated each year by the Centre for Women’s Global Leadership; acknowledges that this year’s global campaign theme Orange the World: end violence against women now!, which will advocate for long-term strategies, amplify success stories, and promote the leadership of women and girls; supports those organisations and individuals around the world who use the campaign as an organising strategy to call for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls; recognises the stellar work done in Scotland towards this same goal by White Ribbon Scotland engaging with men and boys to end violence against women, particularly in seeking to prevent violence before it happens; calls on all men to take White Ribbon’s promise to never commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women; praises groups such as Women's Aid East and Midlothian, as well as others across the country, who are doing a wealth of work to support women who are affected by violence against women; and notes that nearly 1 in 3 women aged 15 years and older around the world have been subjected to physical or sexual violence by an intimate

69560 years of St Columba's Scottish country dancing class

Tabled: 25/11/21 Signatories: 2

Peter Grant

Marion Fellows

That this House congratulates the participants, past and present, of St Columba’s Scottish Country Dancing class in Glenrothes on their 60th year serving the local community through the hosting of Scottish Country Dancing classes; recognises the leadership of RSCDS qualified teachers Lesley Shand and Lorna Sim and previously Nancy Duncan and thanks them for their contributions; notes that Lesley had a passion for teaching young people and combined this by leading one adult and two children’s Scottish Country Dancing classes for over 30 years; further notes that Lesley inspired her daughter, Lorna Sim, to teach also; recognises that the class has been indebted throughout the years to the support of those attending and participating in the running of the class and that their thanks is highlighted to St Columba’s Church, Glenrothes and the Kirk Session, Ministers and volunteers who have accommodated them over the years; and congratulates all involved for the goodwill and positive collective approach within the class, and by those leading, which has helped to realise the vision that Scottish Country Dancing ought to be accessible for all, in order for it to remain a popular and sociable past time.

696Red Wednesday campaign

Tabled: 25/11/21 Signatories: 2

Dr Lisa Cameron

Marion Fellows

That this House marks Red Wednesday, an annual day when persecution against Christians and other religious minorities is highlighted; supports the launch of Hear Her Cries, a report by Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need that investigates the abduction, rape, forced conversion and forced marriage of Christian women and girls; implores the Government and the UN to take more effective steps to tackle this issue in line with the petition organised by ACN; highlights to the Home Office the case of Maira Shahbaz, a Pakistan Christian who was raped and forcibly converted aged 14; expresses sympathy for all those victims of religiously-motivated sexual violence; and supports a future whereby no-one is persecuted because of their religious beliefs.

697Football Index collapse

Tabled: 25/11/21 Signatories: 2

Sir George Howarth

Sir Mike Penning

That this House remains deeply concerned about the collapse of the betting firm Football Index in March 2021, following the suspension of the company’s licence by the Gambling Commission and its entry into administration; notes with concern that customers collectively have over £90 million in open stakes trapped in the platform, with average losses of around £3,000 per customer; further notes that shortly after the site’s management announced a cut in dividends of approximately 80 per cent, it suspended trading a few days afterwards, leading to a virtual market crash which caused significant losses for customers; notes with further concern that warnings about the firm operating like a pyramid scheme went unheeded; recognises the recommendations made by Michael Sheehan QC as part of his independent review; calls on the Government to implement his recommendations, specifically those that identified areas for improvement for the Gambling Commission and Financial Conduct Authority, including how they worked together, without delay, to ensure that a similar scandal does not happen again and; and further calls on the Government to do all that it can to ensure that those owed money receive full reimbursement.