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Early Day Motions

Published: Monday 13 December 2021

Early Day Motions tabled on Friday 10 December 2021

Early Day Motions (EDMs) are motions for which no days have been fixed.

The number of signatories includes all members who have added their names in support of the Early Day Motion (EDM), including the Member in charge of the Motion.

EDMs and added names are also published on the EDM database at

[R] Indicates that a relevant interest has been declared.

New EDMs

766Presidential elections and transitional justice in the Gambia

Tabled: 10/12/21 Signatories: 1

Anne McLaughlin

That this House welcomes the orderly conduct of Presidential elections in the Gambia, the first in decades not to feature the participation of former long-term President Yahya Jammeh whose rule was marked by serious human rights violations including state-backed execution squads; notes the incumbent Adama Barrow won another term as President with the backing of a faction from Jammeh’s party, the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, and despite having initially promised in 2016 to serve only as a transitional leader; urges President Barrow to undertake comprehensive democratic reform, and as soon as possible make public the report of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission, which took harrowing testimony from victims of Jammeh’s brutal regime, and implement its recommendations; calls on the Government to provide continued tangible support towards the Gambia’s democratic transition and inclusive development; and further call on the Government to encourage President Barrow’s administration to adopt a renewed focus on transitional justice, with the criminal prosecution of Jammeh and his main accomplices and satisfactory redress offered to those targeted by Jammeh’s former regime.

767Predatory financial practices and the adult social care sector

Tabled: 10/12/21 Signatories: 3

Clive Lewis

Caroline Lucas

Dan Carden

That this House welcomes the Panorama episode Crisis in Care: Follow the Money, broadcast on 6 December 2021, on the involvement of financial entities such as private equity firms and hedge funds in the adult social care sector; notes that this has put pressure on the sector to grow its revenues, not to improve quality of care but to meet exorbitant costs associated with complex corporate group structures, high debt burdens, and offshoring of profits; further notes that as much as one sixth of the weekly fee for a residential bed can go towards interest payments on company debt; further notes that this financially extractive and growth-dependent model is draining adult social care of funds and plunging the sector deeper into economic precarity; believes that the Government’s focus on developing new funding streams for adult social care fails to address this crucial underlying problem; calls on the Government to address these predatory financial practices by amending the Health and Care Bill to prevent financial assistance being used to rescue overindebted private companies in the care sector, to require providers of adult social care in England to report annually full financial accounts for all companies within the same corporate group including offshore entities, and to review the financial regulation of the adult social care sector to identify ways of reducing the large financial costs and risks created by financial engineering practices such as debt loading, asset stripping, and the offshoring of profits.

Added Names

Below are EDMs tabled in the last two weeks to which names have been added. Only the first 6 names and any new names are included.

733Northlink Ferries and Islander food discount

Tabled: 3/12/21 Signatories: 6

Mr Alistair Carmichael

Layla Moran

Chris Stephens

Jim Shannon

Neale Hanvey

John McDonnell

That this House notes with concern Northlink Ferries’ decision to cut islander discounts on food and drink on its ferries to and from the Northern Isles; recognises that ferry services are a lifeline transport link for islanders and are generally the only affordable travel option for those who use them, with journeys lasting several hours; understands that this decision was taken without notice or consultation with local people; notes that the Islands Act passed by the Scottish Parliament is intended to ensure that policy changes are island proofed to avoid such outcomes; and calls upon Northlink Ferries to reverse its decision and consult with isles representatives and local people to resolve their grievances about this change.

748Sustainable Communities

Tabled: 7/12/21 Signatories: 9

Mr Barry Sheerman

Jim Shannon

Chris Law

Wera Hobhouse

Ben Lake

Kim Johnson

Tony LloydJohn McDonnellClaudia Webbe

That this House notes the importance of sustainability in community growth and development; further notes the aid of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in providing concrete measurements and targets for efforts aimed at improving sustainability at a local level; recognises the positive impact that grassroots sustainability initiatives, like Sustainable Huddersfield, have on their local communities; calls on the Government to champion similar local sustainability initiatives in 500 towns, cities and communities across the country as a mechanism of implementing the COP26 Glasgow Agreement at a grassroots level; and further notes the need for such initiatives to bring about positive change in the broader areas of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

759Independent scrutiny of Luton Council and Luton Airport expansion proposals

Tabled: 8/12/21 Signatories: 3

Daisy Cooper

Sir Mike Penning

John McDonnell

That this House regrets the decision by Luton Council’s planning committee on 1 December 2021 to proceed with the expansion of operations at Luton Airport; regrets that the increased upper passenger limit of 19 million will contribute to increased harmful carbon emissions and air pollution; considers that the process that allows the Luton Council as the owner of the airport to come to a decision that will generate future revenues without independent external oversight is a conflict of interest; notes with disappointment that promises by Luton Council/Luton Airport of introducing quieter aircraft before any moves to expand operations at the airport have not been met or enforced; recognises the anger and frustration of affected residents in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and beyond that their lives will continue to be blighted by the impact of aircraft noise, that has been shown to be detrimental to health; and urges the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities to use his powers to call in and determine this planning application without delay.

760Fur-free Parliament campaign

Tabled: 8/12/21 Signatories: 7

Dr Lisa Cameron

Caroline Lucas

Allan Dorans

Grahame Morris

Hywel Williams

John McDonnell

Claudia Webbe

That this House recognises the unnecessary slaughter of animals to produce fur for Parliamentary and State garments; calls on the Government to replace these with sustainable non-fur alternatives, now that an indistinguishable alternative has passed the Ministry of Defence’s copyrighted test in the Ministry’s accredited laboratory; notes that the use of real fur is not in line with the Government’s commitment to have and promote the highest standards of animal welfare across the UK; and believes sustainable, faux fur should be the default option for garments and accessories for this purpose moving forward.

76250th anniversary of the murder of Kenneth Smyth and Daniel McCormick

Tabled: 9/12/21 Signatories: 6

Jim Shannon

Sammy Wilson

Sir Jeffrey M Donaldson

Gavin Robinson

Ian Paisley

Sir Mike Penning

That this House notes the 50th anniversary of the murder of UDR soldiers Kenneth Smyth and Daniel McCormick who were killed on the 10th of December 1971; notes that Kenneth was off duty and that Daniel had left the UDR and they were slaughtered as they headed to work together; further notes that no one has ever been brought to justice for this evil terrorist murder that saw these men brutally slain for no other reason than serving Queen and Country in the UDR and that the family still mourn their loss; highlights that whilst other 50 year old crimes are still being investigated at great cost to the public purse, the murder of Kenneth and Daniel remains unsolved; and reaffirms the commitment of this House to support justice for all victims of the Troubles, and not only for those who have politically motivated support.

763Verdict of the Uyghur Tribunal

Tabled: 9/12/21 Signatories: 2

Layla Moran

John McDonnell

That this House notes with grave concern the findings of the Uyghur Tribunal of 9 December 2021 which detailed the depth and severity of abuses taking places against Uyghurs in Xinjiang by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) including rape, forced re-education, forced labour, mass surveillance, forced sterilisation, cultural and religious destruction; further notes the Tribunal’s verdict that there is proof beyond reasonable doubt that the People’s Republic of China are committing crimes of torture, crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide as defined under international law; calls on the UK Government to accept Parliament’s declaration of the atrocities in Xinjiang as a genocide; and urges the UK Government to step up sanctions against CCP officials involved in perpetrating these abuses.

764Import ban on forced labour products

Tabled: 9/12/21 Signatories: 4

Alyn Smith

Jonathan Edwards

John McDonnell

Claudia Webbe

That this House commends the work of Non-Governmental Organisations and civil activists to raise awareness of the presence of forced labour in the manufacturing of products around the world; recognises that existing UK regulations are insufficient for stopping the import of products which have been produced through forced labour; notes that the United States has implemented an import ban on some products from countries where there is evidence of forced labour; further notes that the European Commission has stated its intentions to implement a similar ban; and calls on the Government to implement an import ban on specific products where there is reasonable suspicion of forced labour and apply it to regions where forced labour is systematically used by the State, thereby preventing companies from enforcing their due diligence obligations.

765Local measurement of air quality

Tabled: 9/12/21 Signatories: 3

Mr Barry Sheerman

John McDonnell

Claudia Webbe

That this House notes with concern the issue of air pollution and its ensuing effects on health and wellbeing; recognises the 2018 guidance on air pollution by Public Health England that cites poor air quality as the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK; acknowledges that every human being has an inalienable right to breathe clean and safe air; urges the Government to consider making reference to this in any future legislative proposal; further recognises that policy to improve air quality requires evidence and records of public and private entities that contribute to air pollution in local authorities; further urges the Government to make provision for local authorities to take an air pollution audit of public and private entities in their area; and calls on the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to report annually to Parliament on these audit reports.